Hemp vs Cotton: How Natural Cotton is literally killing our planet!

by Nicholas Hill, The Hemp Club, 13th October 2018

Hemp vs Cotton:

Cotton has become the go-to source with regard to materials for clothing, bags, sheets, towels, and many other household goods. Approximately fifty percent of all textiles are usually made of cotton.

However, we don’t hear very much regarding the impact cotton tends to make to the environment.

Cotton compared to hemp:

Here are several quick facts

  • Cotton is the most significant user of water in Agriculture
  • Nearly 3000 L of water is required to generate the cotton necessary to help to make a single tee shirt or jersey
  • 100 % of cotton cultivation severely degrades earth quality. During the last 70 years, cotton manufacturing has depleted and in addition, degraded the soil around the world.
  • Worryingly, Cotton producing staggeringly uses typically 25% of the planets pesticides and utilizes seven percent of known fertilizers
  • Runoff regarding pesticides, fertilizers, in addition to mineral deposits from cotton farmlands contaminates rivers, lakes, estuarine habitat, along with underground aquifers
  • These varieties of toxins affect biodiversity and possess the ability to annihilate a huge list of species all around the world
  • Contemplating this particular reality, our wildlife has to contend with these current environmentally unsustainable practices — eventually undermining the industry’s capability to maintain long-term manufacturing.

So what may all of us do about this?

It is unlikely that we’ll quit wearing cotton t-shirts. We can’t simply begin boycotting cotton items, what could we all of use, if it wasn’t natural cotton? However, we may begin building ideas which could provide the world with a good alternative to natural cotton.  Indeed, we probably will not free ourselves from natural cotton, but we are able to minimize the amount produced and increase sustainability.  Hemp would be the Go-To option in my opinion!


“Hemp produces a strong, clean yarn, with a structure that makes the cloth cool in summer, and warm and comfortable in winter.”Giorgio Armani

“I believe that hemp is going to be the fiber of choice in both the home furnishing and fashion industries.”Calvin Klein

Hemp offers us all an inexpensive, affordable, environmentally friendly choice to stop using cotton:

  • Hemp uses fifty percent less normal water than 100 % Cotton to farm
  • Hemp does not need fertilizers or pesticides to grow, the thick canopy blocks out the weeds.
  • Hemp, in fact, helps increase and level soil nutrients and levels due to its extended, fast-growing main root.
  • Hemp’s large climatic variation and speedy growing foot-long root base give it the ability to prosper in drought-damaged areas
  • Hemp is eight times stronger and four times more durable than 100% Cotton

When even more buyers, textile manufacturers, in addition to well-known brands become mindful of sustaining our planet, it may come to be a viable option to 100 % cotton. Many pioneers in the clothes industry have currently predicted this, amongst them where Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein


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