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UK Home Office is rescheduling cannabis-based products

By the 1st of November 2018, this regulation will come into force, it will be law in England, Wales, and Scotland. Until then, the Independent Expert Panel, which was set up to give advice to the Government on the issue of individual licensing, will be dealing with personal applications.


GW Pharmaceutical sold 2 million shares on the US stock exchange

GW, a UK based worldwide developer of medicinal cannabis products released shares in the US, raising $345 million. With GW bringing their products to the world before their competitors, will they establish themselves as a market leader in this volatile industry?

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Our Era – Personalization. Medical Cannabis, looking into the future

CANNABICS PHARMACEUTICALS INC are developing made to measure treatments.  Tailor-made treatment in the medical world are common day, now they could be applied in the medical cannabis world, linking: tech, artificial intelligence, big data.  Technology will become primal in the personalization of medical cannabis. As challenges are met, the new solution will emerge.


St. Vincent and the Grenadines – On the road to legalizing medicinal cannabis

Its Government drafted 3 bills in September, which have paved the way for legality and a modern cannabis industry.  These bills will pass in front of the Select Committee today, 15th October 2018. No doubt bringing in more employment, increasing speculation and delivering solutions to the islands medical community.


Roto-Gro – Rotational Hydroponic Gardens, the Australian Biotech company’s last round of capital raising

Roto-Gro where please to announce the last round of their capital raising of $4.56 million. This will ensure that they can now invest in expanding their Canadian sales and management teams.


Tilray’s new Chilean distribution partner Alef Biotechnology Spa

Importing, producing and distributing Tilray’s medicinal cannabis products in Chile is reality.  Their footprint in Latin America is expanding and consolidating the market thanks to the pioneering advances of the Chilean Government in this biopharmaceutical market.

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