Big Agro Farms not only cannot produce the quality crafted by small farmers but they cannot even produce quantity without the use of chemicals and pesticides[xi] which has become a serious concern to patients and consumers[xii] in the U.S.

It is for Cannabis as it is for all other agricultural products that are mass produced it seems – growing a healthy plant naturally is not easy as many would-be cultivators are finding out. To be blunt: naturally growing a plant that stands out for its quality and uniqueness demands commitment, in-depth knowledge and devotion.

A great wine is the final expression of the grapes that were crushed, fermented and aged. A five-star Michelin dinner can only be as good as the products that it is composed of. Greatness is born of quality, and cannot exist without.

As much as the small Californian farmer would be ill-advised to try to compete with mega-farms on the production level, these U.S. mega-farms should be wary of the potential of the world’s existing producing countries. As small farmers, we have no choice but to focus on quality to be competitive. In my eyes, the large-scale American producers are in the same position at the world level and face an important choice that will shape the future of the Cannabis industry.

Our small Cannabis farmers are the source of greatness and quality and the way we approach the taxation of Cannabis products and how we protect our genetics and nurture our cultivators will be the reflection of our vision, our testament to future generations and the legacy we will be held accountable for.

I should also remind everyone that the legacy that our small farmers embody is very appreciated the world over. To kill the goose that lays the golden egg is not visionary. To starve and chase the goose away would be shortsighted to the point of blindness.


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