THC WEEKLY ROUNDUP Monday 29th October 2018

Aurora Cannabis Inc (NYSE: ACB)(TSX: ACB) announced today that the Polish Ministry of Health gave the company approval to begin exporting medical cannabis to Poland. The first shipment will be shipped to a pain treatment center and hospital in Warsaw for patient use and marks a significant milestone for medical marijuana usage in Poland.

Legislators put the cannabis into Canada last week, as the nation became the first major world economy to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Now, as the barriers come crashing down across North America on the sale of what was once reviled as “Reefer Madness”, it’s fascinating to watch how retailers are responding.

A whole new crop of “marijuana merchants” (and support services) are popping up, literally inventing the category as they go. In anticipation of what might be called “the green wave”, an event was recently held in Chicago to help puzzle out “The Future Of Cannabis Retail”.

Thailand is on the verge of becoming the first country in Asia to legalize medical marijuana, with some advocates saying that nationwide legalization for recreational use might not be far behind.

It would be a landmark decision in a part of the world with some of the harshest drug laws on Earth. Thailand has the largest prison population in Southeast Asia and the sixth-largest in the world. Inmates convicted of minor drug offenses make up the largest percentage of that population, and only 15 years ago, the country embarked on its own Duterte-style war on drugs that left hundreds of alleged drug dealers dead—including several weed dealers.

Latin American countries have been experimenting with different legislative and administrative approaches to recreational and medical cannabis, as a new report details.

The LATAM Cannabis Report, recently published by Prohibition Partners, sheds lights on how the region is not a homogenous bloc when it comes to cannabis, and the diversity of approaches should be considered – particularly for other countries seeking to find reform that suits their jurisdictions.



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