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Having interviewed Chris Bray who co-owns UK-CBDOils with Christopher Foster; it is clear that their mission is to make the best quality Full Spectrum Raw Extract oil possible. This ensures that his oils have an active and full “Entourage Effect” and contains the entire range of Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavanoids; encompassing all the vital amino acids and omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids too.
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Sourcing biomass from highly professional and stringent European organic farms is the key. The skill, care and knowledge of his farmers shine through, this oil is undeniably of a top quality and highly natural (in taste too!).

UK-CBDOil is Co2 extracted, ensuring the end product is extremely healthy (free of heavy metals) and all the necessary components for an ultra high-quality oil are retained.  This Co2 extraction ensures that a substantial part of the CBD extracted is in the acid form known as CBDa (which amongst a plethora of other benefits, can give Parkinson’s sufferers a better quality of life).

“This uses CO2, carbon dioxide, which is heated under pressure until it becomes a ‘supercritical fluid’ with properties between a gas and a liquid. This is a very powerful solvent but is completely harmless and leaves no solvent residues. Anything that is left just evaporates off into the air”.

Terpenes are also present in high concentrations thanks to this extraction method and they also have a highly respected therapeutic effect.


I have also tried their very original topical application creme that has a wonderful minty/ chocolate aroma.  I have given this one away to an old friend of mine with Parkinson’s that constantly has sore muscles, I shall keep you posted about his feedback.

One fact is for sure, through their rigorous growing and extraction processes UK-CBDOil’s Raw Extract in a Hemp seed oil carrier and their topical products are of the highest quality possible and for your peace of mind:



To finish I leave you with a quote from the owners of UK-CBDOils

“We know from our own experience that only the best is good enough when it comes to CBD as a food supplement. It’s you and your family’s health that matters to us and you can rely on UK-CBDOils to deliver the very best”.

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