100 Years Under The Bridge: How Tilray is Helping Veterans

We have just read an incredibly compassionate and informative article from Tilray, commemorating the 100 years that have passed under the bridge since the end of the WWI.

20% of the men and women that served Canada and the Allies suffer from PTSD (Typically being diagnosed with mental health disorders, the most common of which depression, anxiety, and PTSD)

I quote: Veterans registered with Tilray have access to our Bridge program, which will help cover the cost of medical cannabis while veterans are awaiting confirmation of coverage through Veterans Affairs Canada. Tilray’s VAC program will also cover the difference between Veterans Affairs coverage and the cost of medical cannabis, including all dried whole flower and up to 5 bottles of cannabis oil per month).

SOURCE and FULL ARTICLE: https://www.tilray.ca/en/blog/post/honouring-our-veterans/

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