HEMP OIL FURRSDAY – 7 Benefits for Horses and Dogs

The Go-To Supplement For All Your Four-Legged Friends / by Nicholas Hill 6.12.18 1000 GMT

Photos: by Cozmo Jenks

Hemp Oil Benefits

  • Improves: Skin, Hair and Bones

  • Ensures your horse has healthy joints

  • A frontline help for bringing down inflammation

  • A solution to dry, itchy skin and an unhealthy coat

  • Increases a horses vitality

  • Feeds the brain and helps with communication

  • Boosts the immune system and keeps the heart

Feed to

  • Your Horses and Dogs and more…

  • Ideal as a general health boost and after extended periods of exercise


Hemp Oil should ideally be a 100% organic nutritional supplement that’s extremely beneficial and also a rich supply of vital omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids. 


The hemp plant has been grown for fiber and it’s exceptionally nutritious seeds, it is among the fastest growing plants on Earth. Hemp has been around for centuries all around the world, for use in fabrics, foods and medication. The plant soaks up four times more CO2 than trees, therefore it functions as an outstanding CO2 sponge.


Hemp should be grown without pesticides or herbicides, and processed in the most natural way possible without being treated with additives, bleaches or deodorizers. The entire plant should be processed – the seeds for oil and protein which are fibre-rich and the stalks can be manufactured into eco-building materials.  Hemp plants are highly beneficial and regenerative to the land, and the seeds used to produce Hemp Oil should be cultivated in the most natural environment possible.

A Phenomenal Source of Omego-6 and 3

The oil has a natural 3:1 equilibrium of omega-6 into omega-3 fatty acids, which makes it superior to the majority of similar vegetable oils. It’s an excellent source of gamma-linolenic acid, which was also historically provided by feeding your horses with evening primrose oil.


Hemp Oil has a mild, nutty taste and ought to be introduced into a horses diet slowly, like any vegetable oil.  It’s excellent to get one’s horses coats glistening, to encourage healthy and strong hooves, boosting the immune system and assuring your horse has a healthy heart. When fed in larger amounts is provides an exceptional source of calories.


Everyone Thinks They Have The Best Dog… And None Of Them Are Wrong.  W.R.Purche

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