Farmers Friday – East Fork Cultivars

Would You Specialise in Low THC Chemovars and CBD Dominant Cannabis?

At East Fork Cultivars they develop and maintain sustainable farming techniques that are focussed on sun-grown crops to generate genetically varied cannabis focusing on a dedication to the environment and our ecological obligations.

Beyond being growers they are cultivators. Their vision is way ahead of simply working with the plant, they are developing a brand that’s primary objectives are to educate the community and create a field of research full of new growing techniques.

They are dedicated to the preservation and the development of cannabis and consider that holistic medicines of a much higher quality are produced with the help of their techniques. Their vision is to provide a superior medication to Oregonians compelling them to develope new varieties of cannabis which are full of CBD.

It is their view that cultivars rich in CBD possess the capacity to heal and deliver relief to those that need it. With a firm specialist grounding in the “beyond organic” field and  their commitment to social and ecological responsibility, they, I quote:

“take great pride in the processes and practices implemented on our farm.”

For further information please visit their farm:

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