This January 7 the Law of Safe Cultivation should enter the Senate, which is to continue with the initiative that supports the medicinal use of marijuana.

Foundations related to the use of medicinal cannabis ensure that at least 35 thousand Chilean patients use it with appropriate medical and therapeutic accompaniment , which has reduced the use of opioid analgesics and aggressive drugs that can cause addictions and serious side effects.

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In spite of the fact that the current Law 20,000 determines that the self-cultivation is lawful , if there is a police procedure or investigation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, people can be seized the plants until it is proven that they are really for personal consumption and not for sale and that is what we want to change with this initiative.

This project did very well in the Chamber of Deputies since 155 deputies approved 121 and 6 rejected .

This 7th of January the Law of Safe Cultivation will enter into discussion in the Upper Chamber.

To delve into this, we talked on CNN Chile with the executive director of the Daya Foundation, Ana María Gazmuri , who commented that with the amendment of the Health Code, which is what the Law of Safe Cultivation, the presumption of innocence is restored and safeguards the right for patients to continue their treatment.

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“With Law 20,000 should be enough for patients to cultivate, but as the law has ambiguities and in practice growers can be convicted, this initiative arises so that the medical prescription serves to prohibit the seizure, ” said Gazmuri.

“It is simply a question of deciding whether to support the thousands of patients who, together with their doctors, improve their lives thanks to self-cultivation. If they are supported or if they are persecuted and criminalized, stripping them, in addition, of their treatment, “he said.

“Health, respect and dignity. That, and nothing else, is the Safe Cultivation Law, “he said.

Watch the full interview in the video and full source thanks to ANA MARÍA GAZMURI and CNN CHILE:

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