CANNABIS EUROPA: 8th February 2019


Final batch of tickets for Cannabis Europa Paris (8th Feb 2019) ON SALE NOW

Thursday 0 7 . 0 2 . 2 0 1 9
6.30 – 9.30pm : Welcome Drinks

Join us for drinks, networking and to toast the first Cannabis Europa in Paris. Frequented by Parisian artists and publishers, Alcazar restaurant is no stranger to tastemakers, and on the 7th of February 2019, the most influential minds in cannabis will convene under the greenery to discuss the future of the medical cannabis industry. 

Twitter - Maison De La Chimie3.png

Friday 08 . 0 2 . 2 0 1 9
9am – 4.30pm : Full Day Conference
La Maison de la Chimie

This full day conference is hosted in the world recognised French House of Chemistry, La Maison de la Chimie. Lively talks and discussions featuring a range of European and international experts will focus on problem-solving uniquely European medical cannabis issues.

Friday 0 8 . 0 2 . 2 0 1 9
12.00 – 1.00pm : Networking Lunch
La Maison de la Chimie

The networking lunch gives delegates time to network over Parisian culinary delights.

Friday 0 8 . 0 2 . 2 0 1 9
5 – 8.00pm : Post-Conference Drinks Reception
La Maison de la Chimie

Evening drinks are served in the spectacular ballroom of La Maison de la Chimie.


Europe is a complex fabric of nations, each with their own unique set of sensitivities and sensibilities. Cannabis Europa draws on three thematic pillars to enable the analysis of European medical cannabis through different lenses: Political, Medical and Cultural.


// European Leadership

Our first focus is politics and policy-making in Europe, and the medical cannabis industry’s development within the architecture of the European Union. We will specifically explore the idea of European leadership in policy-making. Our goal is to see medical cannabis equally accessible to all patients across the EU and Europe as a whole.


// Pharma + Cannabis

Our second focus is the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and the medical cannabis industry. Cannabis-based treatments are disrupting the way we understand medicines and pharmacology in Europe. Cannabis Europa will hear from leaders in France’s pharmaceutical industry on how they envisage this partnership going forward.


// Francophone Markets

We’ll also examine the ties between the global and European francophone markets. French is the mother tongue of 12 percent of the EU population, spoken in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, as well as being an official language of non-EU member Switzerland. Outside of Europe, the economic and cultural ties between Canada and France will undoubtedly play a role in the future of the European industry.



Panels + Keynotes
Focus: Problem Solving + Knowledge Sharing

Trust In Trials // The Role of Clinical Trials In the European Medical Cannabis Industry

  • What role do clinical trials play in EU medicines regulation?

  • How can we encourage cooperation between universities and private bodies to facilitate clinical trials?

  • Is it ethical for physicians to prescribe cannabis-based medicines without clinical trials to back their efficiency and safety?

  • Are clinical trials an absolute necessity for regulatory authorisation and doctors’ willingness to prescribe in Europe?

  • How are medical cannabis patents enforceable?

Pharma Futures // Exploring New Medicines + Cannabinoid-Derived Pharmaceuticals

  • Do France’s strong hemp and pharmaceutical industries give it a competitive edge in medical cannabis production?

  • Is greater collaboration between international medical cannabis producers and the pharmaceutical giants in Europe needed to further legitimise the development of the industry?

  • How will biosynthesis impact the production of cannabinoid medicines?

  • What are the benefits of full spectrum products versus extracts/isolated compound products?

  • To what extent are patents applicable to phytocannabinoids?

The ‘It’ Drug // European CBD Markets + The Regulations Shaping Them

  • Should CBD be permitted as a food supplement or classified strictly as a medical compound?

  • How can industry and regulators work together to increase government-level understanding of CBD and its appropriate regulation?

  • How do EU Novel Foods regulation and the Tobacco Products Directive restrict the development of European CBD products?

  • As CBD grows in use as a ‘cosmeceutical’ ingredient, will France leverage its global leadership in the cosmetics industry to become a leader in CBD?

  • Will the French government’s attitude to CBD soften if a medical cannabis programme is introduced?

Political Patients // Putting Patients At The Core Of Policy Development

  • How can we narrow the window between the political decision to allow medical cannabis and actual access for patients?

  • Should patients have a right to cultivate cannabis for personal use?

  • How to secure access to medical cannabis for patients travelling outside the Schengen area but remaining within European territory?

  • Are government de-stigmitisation campaigns needed to educate the public about the use of medical cannabis?

  • Can France become a model for medical cannabis insurance?

Local Global // The Politics Of Medical Cannabis

  • What impact would a European Parliament resolution to regulate medical cannabis have on member states?

  • What is the role of each level of government in promoting and ensuring responsible drug policy reform?

  • How can we facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practice between policy makers in Europe?

  • How will the outcome of the WHO’s review into the international scheduling of cannabis affect government stances on the drug in Europe and worldwide?

  • Could France’s regulation of medical cannabis (alongside Germany and the UK) ‘tip the scales’ of medical cannabis access in Europe?

  • With public opinion in favour of medical cannabis across the majority of Europe, what is holding back governments from reform?

World Stage // Europe’s Role In The International Industry

  • What will be the value of Canada’s first-mover advantage as Europe’s industry grows?

  • Are some European countries already becoming early leaders in sections of the industry (R&D, cultivation, processing)?

  • Does the fragmented nature of the European market help or hinder the birth of a European medical cannabis powerhouse?

  • To what extent is Africa’s medical cannabis industry expected to disrupt the European and global industry?

Cannabis Capital // The Ebb And Flow Of Value In A Nascent Industry

  • How do investment opportunities in the European cannabis industry compare to that of North America?

  • What drives the explosion of interest in cannabis investment, and what positive – and negative – effects could this have?

  • When and how will institutional investors move into the industry at scale?

  • Which adjacent industries will most benefit from the medical cannabis boom?

  • Are Paris and Zurich likely to become the European hubs for medical cannabis investment after Brexit?

Keynotes // In Conversation

The conference will open and close with a keynote talk. One will be focused on business and healthcare and the other on politics.

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