First Wednesday Report @ The Hemp Club

First Wednesdays sponsored by BLUME BLUME, Europe’s first cannabis recruitment consultancy, designed solely to align talent within the legal cannabis industry

The event was hosted and organized by Hanway Assiociates at the Institute of Directors in the Nash Room. This exquisite large room allowed them to both accommodate their growing network, and feature insightful panels of experts and leaders in the European (and global) cannabis space.

This Grade I-listed building, opened in 1828, was designed by John Nash for the United Service Club. It has been home to the Institute of Directors since 1978.

The Hemp Club’s Youtube Channel:


A Career in Cannabis:

*Jasmin Thomas:Founder of Ohana CBD

* Daniel Fryer: Director of European Business Development at MPX Bioceuticals

* Chandni Hindocha: Research Fellow at UCL

* Scarlett Furlong: Policy Advisor at Volteface

* Sam Lewis: CFO of Hanway Associates (chair)

The Cannabis Opportunity:

~ Spiros Malandrakis: Head of Drinks Research at Euromonitor

~ Diane Scott: CEO of Jamaican Medical Cannabis Collective

~ Tristan Gervais: Head of European Cannabis Investment Banking at Canaccord Genuity

~ George McBride: CEO of Hanway Associates (chair)


I come from a different kind of00:02perspective in this research you know00:06monitor and I think I’m one of the first00:09analyst in the whole spectrum in the00:13world that’s suggested once by a00:16beginning idea that canvas should not00:18just be huge looked upon as something to00:21smoke should be moving away from00:23stereotypes of the nineties OVH services00:26and I kind of have a vision of this00:29future where you have this holistic00:32responsible notification industry that00:37before another contortionist comes as00:39one of them in different formats from a00:42kind of estrangement suddenly in our00:44hands instead of having a beard so my00:47respect is very different Melissa the00:49distance other things but I think the00:51final destination01:15to02:12or there at the end of their life and so02:14what we probably grow in a highly like02:19three houses in what we believe to be02:22the most world we have we’re on ramped02:27up and our operations team is here02:29tonight we are ramping up to just under02:32the square feet of control greenhouse02:35grove by the end of q1 next year we’re02:40building a 55,000 square foot02:41centralized processing facility Delta G02:44any standards just Montego Bay contracts02:49today in Canada Germany Australia and we02:52just signed a deal with Brazil as well02:55as we are now having discussions here in02:57the UK so I wear two hats03:10- you just thank you well we don’t have03:15to invite mr. Chester this boy03:17introduces himself which at the very03:20first past Wednesday co-founded it with03:22myself and Alistair and all birch who is03:25here yeah unfortunately but then one of03:27the very early people pushing the03:30industry the reform in the UK thank you03:33very much I would say you know for my03:41students I’m an investment banker but I03:44found Redemption and I’m a banker pretty03:51big firm and averaged about four billion03:53at the end point five raised in North03:55America since early 16 and I was asked03:59to serve on European medical04:02that’s a factory team I’ll see about a04:04year ago has been a rollercoaster ride04:06since and hugely excited to be involved04:09in an industry fantastic well I think04:13the next burning issue that I want to04:16discuss is so I think Danny’s house04:17won’t miss the last panel of what he was04:19talking about all the different ways he04:20can to misrepresent his job when he’s04:23speaking to a landlord or somebody else04:25there are a lot of different sectors04:27that this touches obviously kmcc has04:29very clear medical focus Canaccord in04:32your reports you divided into four clear04:35different verticals recreational medical04:39pharmaceutical and wellness and then04:42obviously your focus is looking on04:44parallels between this and an alcohol04:48drinks sector so where is this industry04:51going obviously we know there are04:53medical benefits we know that people are04:55recreationally we know that there are04:57industrial materials we can derive from04:59the plan we know that you can include in05:02cosmetics and lots of people say that05:03that has great improvement on their05:06quality of life so quick where where05:08what’s going to be the line charity05:10industry in 10 years time in your05:12opinion I’m asking you to call itEnglish (auto-generated)

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