“It is the case in Ireland that medicinal cannabis is legal.”

“Now getting a licence from the minister is complicated and we are trying to improve that, but at the moment it is not possible to grow it so it has to be imported. Many have to go to the Netherlands to pharmacies to get it there,” he added.

Simon Harris, the Irish Minister for Health, is expected to bring proposals to regulate medicinal cannabis to Cabinet before the summer. Aurora, which is worth 11.9 billion Canadian dollars (€7.9 billion) on the stock exchange in Toronto, is lobbying the State to become an approved supplier of medicinal cannabis in Ireland

The Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition (AECOSAN) has struck a blow against hemp food producers in their ongoing efforts to clear a path for hemp extracts in food across Europe.

AECOSAN this week issued a declaration that says only edibles derived from hemp seeds “have a clear and meaningful history of consumption within the EU.” That way of thinking makes extracts, derived from the hemp plant’s leaves and flowers, a “novel” food under EU rules.


They have grown hemp since 2002. Initially the crop was grown for a processor in Essex but the distance to their processing plant made the cost of haulage expensive.

The only way that they could see any financial return from the crop was to process the straw on our own farm. For the last five years they have made a considerable investment of both time and money into building and adapting machines to separate the woody core or shiv from the fibre. “Hemp fibre is very strong, the strongest of all the plant fibres and is very tough on man and machine. It just loves to catch on anything and wrap around any part of a machine, so we had our work cut out.”

They have a state of the art hemp processing plant and are now able to produce a more refined cleaner fibre and greater amounts of hemp shiv. They grow 400 acres and process their home grown hemp on the farm and sell HemShiv for animal bedding and also into the building sector. Canaries, hamsters, guinea pigs, reptiles, rabbits, poultry, dogs and horses are a few examples of pets that are enjoying the benefits of a luxurious dust-free hemp bed. They also produce hemp fibre.

This fibre is sold to textile manufacturers for further processing into roof insulation batts or non-woven matting for use by mattress manufacturers and as a replacement for man made fibres.

Feeding your Chickens HempSeed Expellers: Recent results from a Study carried out in the Czech Republic.

Mendel University in Brno, Department of Animal Nutrition and Forage Production, Department of Food Technology, Department of Plant Biology, Brno

“The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of feeding hempseed expellers in a feed mixture on the quality indicators of broiler chicken’s meat. One hundred and fifty Ross 308 hybrid cockerels were used in the present study. The control group (HS0) was fed without hempseed expellers; the other two groups received diets containing…


Dragonfly Earth Medicine is dedicated to pure organics

Dragonfly Earth Medicine has created a very important CBD Hemp and Medicinal Mushroom, full plant, lipid extraction. Compounding adaptogenic Medicinal Mushrooms, Ayurvedic/Chinese Herbs, and High CBD Hemp Flowers and Roots in organic olive and coconut oil. This intuitive, long time, tried and true recipe brings together ancient wisdom and modern science to create a daily supplement. Adaptogenic and Nootropic herbs allow our body systems and functions to balance and regenerate. This is the most unique and potent oil that you will find because their MycoCanna caps are a complete, intelligent formulation with their own extraction modalities that respects the cannabinoids and herbal compounds. They go to great lengths to use the most pure ingredients in the world. If you have further questions, please contact them (link above). **If you have questions about using CBD or medical mushrooms, we suggest you research and ask your care provider to know if this is the best oil for you.


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