UK’s 1st Ever Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabinoids Trade Show. Respectable Researchers, scientists, agri-tech, pharma experts, regulators, investors, entrepreneurs & 80 exhibitors will share their knowledge about the flourishing medicinal cannabis industry at Europe CBD Expo. Tickets (NOT AN AFFILIATE)

Knowing what you want, and why is always a good start. Hemp offers a potentially lucrative alternative to regular crops. It also offers a crop that may be up-valued on farm and sold independently of larger contractors. I recommend you start by knowing clearly why you want to grow, and then what you want to grow for. Know your market.

Surang said her team of researchers had found that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinol (CBN), which are extracted from cannabis, can stop the growth of lung cancer cells in mice and thus offer the promise of becoming new anti-lung-cancer agents in humans.

Cannabis Europa announces Shimadzu Europe as a silver partner for the London conference on June 24th and 25th at the Southbank Centre. The company develops cannabis testing solutions, such as potency testing and terpene profiling. Tickets (NOT AN AFFILIATE LINK)

Canopy Growth is moving further into Europe after signing a $342.9 million deal to buy C3 Cannabinoid Compound, a German company that specializes in cannabinoid-based medical therapies used by European physicians. 

Dr Ethan Russo is the Director of Research and Development at the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI). Asked about the longevity of the market, he said: “I believe that CBD, despite its meteoric rise in public attention, retains the broad safety and applicability to remain an essential ingredient in pharmaceutical products, supplements and artisanal preparations in the long-term.”

70 years ago another natural medicine came into the medical arena. This was welcomed enthusiastically by UK doctors even though there had been no placebo controlled trials of its efficacy because it was seen to fulfil a major clinical need. That drug was penicillin. If today’s medical profession could embrace cannabis in the same way as it did penicillin then the true value of this plant medicine should rapidly be realised.

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