The Weekend Round up for May 2019 @ The Hemp

FDA HEARING, 31st May 2019 main POINTS:

1. There’s too much junk in the CBD market. 2. Consumers have no way of knowing what’s legitimate. 3. Many people still have no clue what CBD is. 4. The FDA has serious concerns about side effects. 5. Anecdotal evidence doesn’t play well at the FDA.

10 Things You’ll Want to Know About:

Europe’s Fast-Growing Marijuana Market

3 Things to Really Like About Canopy Growth’s Latest Acquisition

The Canadian marijuana producer’s recent small deal could be a bigger deal over the long run.

Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) Q3 2019 Earnings Call 

“The cash cost to produce per gram came down significantly from $1.92 to $1.42. So, that’s down 26%. We knew this was coming. We knew that would result from the scale, efficiency, and technology of Aurora Sky, but it’s very gratifying to see.”

Walgreen’s New CBD Push Lets It Be Edgy Without Being Risky

The pharmacy chain has to walk a fine line, as the FDA is keeping close tabs on its moves.

ECH Announces Launch of ECH Medical

New division will focus on building a European ecosystem to improve patient access to medical cannabis

Companies team up for joint venture to turn UK into medicinal cannabis hub of Europe

Astral Health, an arm of ECH Group, which was created last year to increase awareness of and pateint access to medical cannabis, has teamed up with London-based drugs wholesaler Miller & Miller. The joint venture will source and distribute high-quality medical-grade cannabis from all over the world to patients in the UK and Europe.

Many thanks to the Daily Telegraph, Prohibition Partners, Motley Fool, Leafly and PR Newswire: please follow links in each article header for full story

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