CBD THURSDAY | Europe CBD Expo 2019, TOMORROW: 12th – 13th July, LONDON, UK.


The UK’s First Ever Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabinoids Trade Show to Convene 12th-13th July @ ExCel , London

Respectable researchers, scientists, agri-tech, pharma experts, regulators, investors, entrepreneurs and 80 exhibitors will share their knowledge about the flourishing medicinal cannabis industry at Europe CBD Expo, Britain’s first-ever international Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabinoids Trade Show and Conference.

The B2B event will take place on Friday, 12th July at The ExCeL London, followed by consumer day on 13th July. The cannabis economy is the world’s fastest growing industry, with a UN report revealing that Britain is the biggest producer and exporter of legal cannabis in the world.


Companies, entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, clinicians, nurses, consumers, will meet at Europe CBD Expo to connect and learn about opportunities in the booming medical cannabis market as well as show the latest products, technologies and research in the field and the latest in regulatory development across the legal cannabis markets.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in panel discussions from experts in the research, development, and distribution of cannabinoids and medicinal cannabis products.

The Trade Show will feature 80 hand selected companies that have met the Expo’s strict participation criteria, an independent laboratory testing of Cannabinoids and Medicinal Cannabis levels, full unique terpene profile and test for microbiological contamination, heavy metals and pesticides, as well as reputational and ethical criteria.

The Conference will focus on discussions by the world’s leading names and industry experts in the cannabis and cannabinoids spheres

Major topics and speakers include: Cannabis Regulatory Intelligence, Tim Phillips (CBD Intel) – Regulatory & Market Intelligence for the CBD, Cannabinoids and Medicinal Cannabis Sector, Mark Taylor (Regulatory Journalist) – The European regulatory framework for CBD, Cannabinoids and Medicinal Cannabis and the appetite amongst European regulators, and the banking sector to provide support to the industry, Blair Gibbs (CMC Centre for Medicinal Cannabis) – Medical Cannabis & CBD Products in the UK, Quality, Responsibility and Transparency, Golan Bitton (UNV Medical) – Israel Regulatory Standards Vs European Standards – European Regulations, Insights & Opportunities (Panel) – Where are we now? And the Future of Cannabis and CBD, The Future of Cannabis Testing, Establish Confidence in Cannabis Testing, Shimadzu – Cannabis Testing Techniques & Technologies Variability in Cannabis Test Results, SCIEX – The Importance of Pesticide Testing, Extraction Science, Emerging Markets and International Trends (Panel) – International insights, opportunities and Investment, Dr. Zeid Mohamedali (Chief Medical Officer, Zenabis) – EEG changes: Your Brain on and off Cannabis – A Guide to CBD, Cannabinoids and Medical Cannabis, Dr Dani Gordon MD (Author, ABIHM, ABIOM) – CBD & Cannabinoids for Everyone, Prof Ram Reifen MD, MSc Nut, MBA Director, the Research Center for Nutrigenomics and Functional Foods The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel – Cannabinoids & Terpenes explained, Gregor Zorn (ECTA) – Pure CBD, Cannabinoids Vs Whole Plant Preparations, Pre-Clinical/Clinical Studies of Cannabis & Cannabinoids: Concepts, Misconceptions & Evidence

Dr. Saoirse O’Sullivan (University of Nottingham) – Endocannabinoid System (ECS) with reference to Diabetes & Obesity. Irit Avisar (Israeli Medical Cannabis Nurses Association),M H Sodergren MBChB (Imperial College London) – Medical Cannabis, From Bench to Bedside, The Future of Medical Cannabis Patient Care (Panel), Cannabinoid Development Strategies, Patrick Morton (Cannabis Invest UK) – Investing in Cannabinoids, cultivation, product development, branding and distribution.

Oliver Zugel (Foliumed) – Making CBD, Cannabinoids and Medicinal Cannabis affordable: How Emerging Markets will disrupt the global supply chain – Oliver Zugel (Foliumed). Dr. Monica Vialpando (Vialpando LLC) – CBD, Cannabinoids and Medicinal Cannabis Formulation & Product Development Strategies. Women the future of cannabis (Panel) – Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoid Discussion.

Explaining why Europe CBD Expo has put so much emphasises on education at the trade show, Sal Noble – Founder & CEO of London Canna Group – the organiser of Europe CBD Expo said, “We have seen in other countries that the the biggest drivers towards influence of policy, change of perception and better access for patients are transparency, education and understanding of the matter. By bringing in the top international experts in the field we hope to remove the stigma surrounding cannabis sphere.’’

To learn more about the Europe CBD Expo, purchase tickets and subscribe to event updates and speakers lists click here. To learn about London Canna Group, the event organizers, click here for the LCG’s website. https://londoncannagroup.co.uk


Kristina Spionjak: for further information and to arrange interviews with the conference organisers and speakers.

Click here to register for complimentary press passes and access to influencer lounge.

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