July Round Up @ The Hemp Club

The acquisition of Terra Verde is EMMAC’s largest acquisition to date and completes the full integration of EMMAC’s supply chain, which to date comprises GACP cultivation, extraction and manufacturing in accordance with EU Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and licensed distribution channels for medical cannabis in the UK, Germany and Italy.

Why did the Elixinol Global share price charge higher? Investors were buying the company’s shares this afternoon after it released a positive announcement relating to its wholly owned subsidiary, Nunyara Pharma. According to the release, the Australian Office of Drug Control (ODC) has granted Nunyara Pharma a licence to manufacture medicinal cannabis for extracts and tinctures of cannabis and cannabis resin.

According to the French Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction, in 2014, 1 in 2 minors had already smoked cannabis and 10% were regular users.

L’expérimentation du cannabis thérapeutique officiellement autorisée en France. Une décision de l’agence française du médicament ouvre la voie à un test en situation réelle réservé aux patients en impasse thérapeutique.

When Irish Health Minister Simon Harris recently signed legislation to allow for the operation of the Medical Cannabis Access Programme on a five-year pilot basis, he opened the door wider for an emerging sector which has significant potential to create jobs and a new revenue stream for the Government’s coffers.

Canadian-based Aurora Cannabis Inc. has won a tender to supply medical cannabis in Italy. The firm beat other five companies that had applied for the license, emerging as the only winner.

The goal of the program is to train graduates in new professions in the field of medical cannabis, while academizing the field, said Dr. Efrat Barel, head of the new program. “The extensive educational base will enable graduates to understand all required aspects, and their integration into the workforce will bring added value to the sector.”

St Vincent’s Medicinal Marijuana industry is a go. Over 30 licences have been approved by the Medicinal Cannabis Authority (MCA) for the cultivation, development and export of medicinal marijuana products.

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