Green Tech Tuesday | Bridging the Gap Between Independent Breeders and the Market

Breeder’s Best will be the breeder-preferred partner to protect special cultivars of Cannabis and bring them to market, delivering both economic and recognition value to our network of Breeder-Artists.

Their aim is to help their Breeder-Artists to improve the lives of consumers around the world, providing whole-plant and cannabinoid products of the highest quality.  They will create and deliver these products through a select network of high-integrity collaborators:  ethical and respected growers, distributors, dispensaries and product companies.

“Some of the greatest plant breeders in Cannabis are being left behind because they don’t have the support they need. We are here to fix that. Hunt CEO

Breeder’s Best is a bridge between independent plant breeders and a world of opportunities. Part of that bridge involves connecting the work of great breeders with other top level professionals in propagation, cultivation, testing, extraction, manufacturing and retail sales.  If you are an independent breeder or someone who wants to bring your own excellence to this effort, please click the appropriate box below.

Should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact Breeder’s Best

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