MEDICAL MONDAYS | high vibe, plant based ingredients for youthful skin

By Shadi Ramey | Published 15th June 2020


A majority of makeup has a history of harming animals, while mineral makeup is friable, which has affects on our planet and

Her products are 100% chef created, plant based, organic, gluten, GMO, and cruelty free. All formulations can be made vegan, however she does use beeswax in some of our products.

Here are some testimonials SHADI has received from some of her past clients and friends.

Arianna – Boulder, CO

There is a difference between a work of art that moves you with emotion and tells a story without need of words, and an imitation of that same piece, where the strokes and colors have been mimicked. I believe it to be the same with food. Food prepared with intention, and from ingredients cultivated with the purpose of nourishment from earth-to-body is a richer experience than that of a recipe simply reproduced. Shadi Ramey is an artist and storyteller through the food she creates. Her passion is conveyed through a lovely gastronomic experience, and there is depth and nourishment in her foods that I can only imagine is linked to her dedication of knowledge and an innate understanding of food as a beautiful and essential life force. My experiences with Ms.Ramey have inspired this form of praise without exception.

Saba – Las Vegas, NV

Shadi’s food is a culinary experience all about intention. The vibrations of her food not only elevate your dining experience, but your physical wellness and energetic aura! Shadi is a true artist in the kitchen. I know she uses the highest quality ingredients and most ethical options available with a yogic balance. I hope you have the opportunity to try it too. The plant medicines that are integrated and her knowledge of culinary anthropology adds the most delicious garnish to every dish. To experience grounding and elevation through a meal is something I deeply and simultaneously highly recommend! What are you waiting for…..for real….. Feed your Vibe!

Phillip – Denver, CO

I’ve enjoyed Shadi’s small bites a few times and every time they taste absolutely delicious!! You can really taste the love that goes into them!

Traci Bowles – Washington, D.C.

Shadi has helped me understand the benefits of healthy eating. After she prepared meals, I took private cooking lessons to learn how to cook quick healthy meals. My favorite is flavorful sauteed romanesco with potatoes. Shadi Is an incredible chef. I look forward to her future creations.

Jana – Louisville, KY

Shadi is an artist in the kitchen. Last time I net with her she let me nibble on some of her AMAZING chocolate and I now crave it every day. Her food is full of love, energy, nourishment and amazing intention. I look forward to her feeding my vibe again as soon as possible.

Melinda – Boulder, CO

We had a fantastic experience when Shadi came to our home for a cooking lesson. First, she was able to accommodate a very restrictive diet and food preferences. Second, she was able to accommodate very different cooking abilities for our 3 generations of cook “trainees”. Thirdly, we cooked the most incredible feast which was delicious and outside of our usual meals. Great ingredients and tasty dishes. All 5 of us loved it!

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