THE FUTURE OF FIBRE | The definitive map of hemp’s full potential

Hemp Manifesto

1. EU Member States should allocate part of direct subsidies for the develop- ment of hemp production.
2. The contribution to the environment of the hemp plant should be recognized and the use of hemp for carbon farming encouraged.

3. Member States should not apply drug control laws to hemp and its deriva- tives as long as THC limits are respected.
4. The maximum THC level allowed for industrial hemp on the field should be restored to 0.3%, allowing the sector to align with international standards and start breeding new and more adapted varieties to satisfy farmer practices and consumer trends.

5. Operators should be allowed to harvest and make products from all parts of the plant, including flowers and leaves, and market any kind of product that respects THC limits.
6. Hemp and hemp preparations containing a naturally occurring cannabinoid content should not be considered as Novel Food.

7. Reasonable guidance values for THC in food and feed should be established. 8. All hemp derived raw materials should be permitted as ingredients for cos- metics.
9. The EU should value and promote the use of hemp for the production of short and long fiber for textiles, and favor the setting up of sustainable value chains

10. The use of hemp-based construction and other materials should be incen- tivized both in public and private sectors, with clear goals for the total or partial substitution of other less sustainable alternatives.

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