Medical Mondays – 7 Basic facts CBD/ THC and its uses

Practical Advice on the Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabis and its Doses

PDF article to download (see below) by Caroline MacCallum and Ethan Russo

1-  History

Cannabis has been used as a medicine since the beginning of time, however its ongoing restriction, biochemical multifaceted nature and changeability, quality control issues, a past need for properly carried out randomized controlled trials, and an absence of relevant education seem to have left doctors in the dark with respect to how to help and advise patients seeking such treatment.

2-  Pharmaceutical Cannabis

With the appearance of pharmaceutical cannabis-based drugs (Sativex/nabiximols and Epidiolex), and decriminalization/ legalization in many countries, the naïveté surrounding cannabis pharmacology and therapeutics has turned out to be an unacceptable reality that needs to be confronted.

3-  Introduction to the Basics of dosing

In the following article that is available to download for free (at the bottom of this page) the writers/ authors and highly respected Doctors, Researches and Physicians introduce you to the basics of cannabis pharmacology linked to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), method of dosing (smoking, vaporization, oral), and how much to?

4-  Taking Care

Unwanted feelings of anxiety or other associated emotions associated with cannabis are principally due to THC. The daily recommended dose is around 30mg/day or less, ideally taken together with CBD, this will help you steer clear of any psychedelic effects and reduce the possibilities of becoming tolerant to the treatment.

5-  Comparison

CBD, as compared to THC, is less of a powerhouse, and may require a lot higher dosages to help with pain and inflammation.

6-  Slow is Pro

As far as dosing yourself the simple rule of “Slow is Pro” and your bodies gradual introduction to the compounds should be undertaken over a timeline of as much as two weeks.

7-  For the Professionals

Dr. Ethan Russo explains in the article below:

Suggestions are offered on cannabis-drug interactions, patient monitoring, and standards of care, while special cases for cannabis therapeutics are addressed: epilepsy, cancer palliation and primary treatment, chronic pain, use in the elderly, Parkinson disease, paediatrics, with concomitant opioids, and in relation to driving and hazardous activities”.






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2 –Caroline A. MacCallum



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Ethan Budd Russo


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(PDF) Practical contemplations in therapeutic cannabis organization and dosing. Accessible from: [accessed Nov 26 2018].

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