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Countryfile: Cannabis farm leaves presenter Steve Brown STUNNED

COUNTRYFILE presenter Steve Brown was left gobsmacked during tonight’s episode of the Sunday evening BBC One show.

By RORY O’CONNOR PUBLISHED: 19:56, Sun, Aug 5, 2018 

Countryfile reveals UK farmers grow cannabis in Britain

This episode of Countryfile saw presenter Steve visit a farm in Baswick which is growing a “rather unusual crop”.

Steve was taken to a field, consisting of 470 acres of hemp.

The host said: “It could be the next wonder crop.

“From hemp clothing to hemp plastics and even hemp fuel. You name it and this plant can be used for it.”PROMOTED STORY

He then met Nick Voase, a farmer who used to grow potatoes before filling his fields with hemp.

Good grief, they’re growing pot on #Countryfile Whatever next!

Countryfile viewer

Steve chuckled to viewers at home: “And if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, you’ll be wondering if this is even legal!”

He addressed Nick, saying: “Now, there certainly seems to be a smell in the air and these plants are particularly recognisable. It looks like cannabis!”

Nick replied: “Well, it is cannabis. But it’s low THC cannabis. THC is the psychoactive part in cannabis.

“So we’re growing low THC that we call industrial hemp.”

As the camera panned to images of the field full of hemp, Steve teased viewers once more.

Countryfile Cannabis farm leaves presenter Steve Brown STUNNED

Countryfile: Cannabis farm leaves presenter Steve Brown STUNNED (Image: BBC)

He laughed: “So while it might look just like marijuana, industrial hemp is too low in the active ingredients that… how shall I put this?

“Have mind-betiding side-effects. But it does have a long list of uses.”

Steve was then shown around the 470 acres and taught how to grow and process the plant.

He also learned about the “thousands of uses of hemp” before meeting up with Alex Sparrow, who showed Steve how hemp can be used to build houses.

Viewers instantly took to social media during the hemp sequence.

Countryfile Cannabis farm leaves presenter Steve Brown stunned

Countryfile: Cannabis farm leaves presenter Steve Brown stunned (Image: BBC)

One fan of the show tweeted: “Good grief, they’re growing pot on #Countryfile Whatever next!”

“#Countryfile is that cannabis?” quizzed another.

A third teased: “If you’re going to be smoking one of those bales of hemp this week, you probably won’t give a s**t what the weather is doing this week…(cue weather forecaster wearing check shirt, sleeves rolled up ready for harvesting cannabis) #countryfile.”

Another laughed: “Shouldn’t this item about hemp be on a different hash tag? #countryfile.”

Countryfile Industrial hemp farm in Baswick

Countryfile: Industrial hemp farm in Baswick (Image: BBC)

Behind the scenes of Countryfile

Other viewers were left amazed to find out the other uses of the plant.

One fan tweeted: “Houses made of hemp! Amazing. #renewable #Countryfile.”

“Love #countryfile, hemp is a wonder plant!” posted another.

A third added: “Wow!! A whole house made out of Hemp!! #Countryfile.”

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