Medicinal cannabis victory as Billy Caldwell is granted first NHS care package of its kind

Following yesterday’s landmark news that Billy Caldwell will receive his prescribed cannabis-based medicine on the NHS, I am sharing Charlotte Caldwell’s statement from Shomi Malik at the ACI’s email:

Shomi Malik | Development Director

Statement from Charlotte Caldwell, mother of Billy Caldwell

“Last Friday I received the news I have been waiting for this past two and a half years. My GP called to inform me that a shared care plan has been signed off for Billy, one that will allow him to receive his prescribed cannabis based medicine on the NHS.

You can’t imagine how relieved I am to have received this confirmation after all these years of campaigning.

I am incredibly grateful to the health authorities in Northern Ireland who have worked with Billy’s treating clinician and prescriber, his GP and the paediatric neurology team at Great Ormond Street Hospital to develop and approve this plan. I would further like to commend the Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock for creating the new Refractory Epilepsy Specialist Clinical Advisory Service which considered Billy’s case in July – recommending that his current prescription be continued – and Northern Ireland Health Minister Robin Swann who has honoured his personal commitment to ensure that its outcome was implemented.

To the tens of thousands of people who have followed Billy’s journey over the years I want you to know that your support meant and means the world to me.

However today I am also thinking of all the people in the UK and Ireland who are still denied access to medicinal cannabis and will commit myself to do all I can to promote access and escalate clinical research to enable more to benefit from the medicine that has saved Billy’s life”


Watch Conservative Home Online Fringe Discussion Again

As many of you are aware the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis sponsored and hosted a panel discussion at the Conservative Home Online Fringe conference, entitled Medical Cannabis and the UK: Becoming a Global Leader (featuring Charlotte Caldwell).

This event, the first of its kind, brought together prominent leaders in the medical cannabis landscape with a panel consisting of:
Former minister and director of the Conservative Drug Reform Group Rob Wilson
Executive chair at Columbia Care Michael Abbott
Clinical academic at Imperial College London Dr Mikael Sodergren
Mother to Billy Caldwell and widely acclaimed patient advocate Charlotte Caldwell
Leading journalist for the Daily Telegraph Tony Diver
This panel, chaired by Henry Hill, delivered an informative and critical debate surrounding the state of medical cannabis in the UK.

For those of you who didn’t manage to log in and listen live, the recording of the panel discussion in its entirety can be watched here.

They are pleased to share with you the second post on our new medicinal cannabis resource The Cannabinoid Journal.

Medical cannabis is at a threshold in the UK, how evidence and policy emerges in the next year will be crucial to trajectory. This week we have asked Dr Rosemary Mazanet from Columbia Care what she sees on the horizon for cannabis-based medicines. 

The Cannabinoid Journal - banner (1100x220px) v2.png

The Cannabinoid Journal provides a new vocal point for our ideas and commentary on all aspects of medicinal cannabis. We will deliver this via a series of thematic blog posts, podcasts, a monthly newsletter, webinars and online events.


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