To put this all in context Alex works for Grow Pharma, they are the leading suppliers of prescription cannabis medicines in the UK and play a role in educating doctor’s and those wishing to prescribe.

…And now for a Deep Dive; if you haven’t already checked Alex Fraser out yet at Grow Conversations, this one is not to be missed; it is his new YouTube channel and your window into the world of medical cannabis in the UK, a wealth of informative news and reviews.

Alex is the Patient Access Lead at Grow Pharma and plays a key role in supporting patients & healthcare professionals with his knowledge and experience.

Alex is a Crohn’s patient himself and medical cannabis advocate and enthusiast having used cannabis for his condition for many years.

He now works in the medical cannabis industry, and gets to discuss cannabis and learn from the people who know the most about it and how it works.

Grow Conversations is his way of bringing these fascinating individuals to you!

Please do click subscribe to stay tuned, he has lots of exciting interviews lined up for the rest of the year and many more for 2021!!!

Alex is always eager to know what people think of his show and who you would like to see interviewed on future episodes? Don’t hesitate to drop him a line.

So far he has had the pleasure of interviewing:

– Eric Bystom – CEO ofCellen, who produce the cannabis oil medicines for Project #Twenty21 from Drug Science

  • Dr Barbara Mainville MD – A Canadian doctor with years of experience as a prescriber of cannabis medicines.
  • Dr Leon Barron – GP in the UK and founder of the Primary Care Cannabis Network.
  • Dr Stephen Alexander PHD – a molecular pharmacologist from University of Nottingham who specialises in studying the endo-cannabinoid system and the effects of cannabinoids in the body.

Episode 5 is coming out this time next week, so stay tuned!

Thank you Alex for your non stop, professional approach to the #MedicalCannabis business and patient support, JOIN HIM HERE ON HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL!


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