Sunday April 11, 2021 at 8:30pm BST on ZOOM and YouTube

Featuring Robyn Perkins, Jacob Hawley & Erich McElroy

£1, £2 & £5.00 tickets

“a show that lends itself to on-the-spot thinking and an intelligent sense of humour”

-The Independent (about Comedy for the Curious)

Multi-award-winning comic Robyn Perkins uses stand-up and science to understand life. Her unique, online mixed-bill show (Comedy for the Curious) is for anyone who loves comedy and is, well, a bit curious.

What is the difference between Hemp and Cannabis? Smoking and vaping? Should it be legal? That last question is rhetorical. Still, Sydney Fringe Comedy Award Winner Robyn Perkins answers all of these questions (and more) in her new science comedy chat show: Comedy for the Curious. And this week, it is all things WEED. The show is a unique format keeping the comics and the audience engaged throughout the hour, switching between science comedy, stand-up comedy, chat and an interactive game (because who doesn’t like a game). Comedian and host Robyn Perkins uses her scientific background to research cannabis, writing a comedic introduction covering horticulture and neuroscience. Meanwhile, guest comics Jacob Hawley (BBC ‘Jacob Hawley: On Drugs’) & Erich McElroy (Sky News, American Exchange) deliver light-hearted topical and personal sets, also about cannabis. Following a chat with the comics, everyone plays “Versus the Audience”, the quiz game where the comics face off against the crowd.  With the topics, guests and games changing weekly, each show is completely different. Comedy for the Curious is a new and engaging take on an online comedy show, combining hilarious comedy, a bit of science and some well needed personal interaction (albeit virtual). 

Comedy for the Curious started in June 2020. Each show has its own topic, and two new stand-up guests. Past topics include: What is Fear, Why We Hate, Why We Love, Bisexuality, The Autism Spectrum, Accents & Language, Competitiveness, Conspiracy Theories, Drugs & Alcohol, What is our Personality, Political Persuasion, Redheads, Therapy & Crying, Imposter Syndrome, The Class System

About the Host:

After two successful tours around the UK and Australia, this 2019 Sydney Fringe Comedy Award Winner, explores this brand-new show format online every Sunday. Comedy for the Curious highlights her unique style of comedy, combining science, philosophy and stand-up into wildly original (and hilarious) show. With her academic background to hand, she looks at personal topics and social issues, all while using comedy and life experience to keep the show entertaining and engaging. Like her previous two shows, this is “a unique twist on your average stand-up hour.” ★★★★ EdFest Magazine

American Robyn Perkins has been making people laugh across the globe since 2011, regularly hosting various clubs across UK including the internationally renowned Angel Comedy & Top Secret Comedy Club. Since her Edinburgh Fringe debut, Robyn has performed at top international festivals such as Perth’s FRINGE WORLD,  Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney’s prestigious Comedy Store and performed in countries such as the USA, Singapore, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Finland and more. In 2019, Robyn won the Best in Comedy Award at The Sydney Fringe. Science-wise, she still is saving the high seas by being on the board of the Ocean Matters charity. She also has a master’s from Harvard.

Instagram: @robynHperkins      Facebook: MissRobynPerkins     Twitter: @robynHperkins

 What the press have said about Robyn Perkins:

Sydney Fringe 2019 Best in Comedy Award Winner 
Perth FRINGE WORLD 2020, Weekly Comedy Award Winner 

“This show is smart, engaging, fun and funny.” ★★★★ Chortle, 2019

“There’s not many comedy hours hosted by a biologist; however, Perkins breaks every stereotype with her confident, charming and relatable personality.”
★★★★ EdFest 

“Robyn is an engaging and hilarious storyteller.”
★★★★ 1/2 stars, Fringe Feed

 Funny, genuine, & very clever.”
★★★★ Fringe Biscuit, 2019

 “Fast, funny, interesting, and most of all, intelligent”
★★★★, XPress Magazine 

“Perkins blends science, comedy and a little hint of philosophy into an excellent show” ★★★★ Scots Reviewer

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