They are a dedicated team who love all things hemp, and they are serious about giving hemp a big comeback in Britain.

British Hemp Company


The British Hemp Company is the brainchild of MD Steve Glover, who set up the multiple award winning Severn Project in Bristol to provide education training and employment for socially excluded individuals through the commercial production of salads and herbs.

An accidental farmer, he quickly learned how to grow salad and herbs, and the business grew. Twelve years later, he applied for an industrial hemp license from the Home Office, and the Severn Project soon diversified into hemp juice. However, without the right team around him, his plans stalled. Undeterred, and with a few valuable lessons under his belt, Steve used his knowledge of all things hemp to set up a consultancy, working with UK hemp farmers. This experience helped create a vision that led to the formation of The British Hemp Company…

British-Grown Hemp

None of their hemp is imported. This means that the most important ingredient of our business is our farmers.

Their farms cover a total of 250 acres across twelve locations throughout the UK – from Totnes to Aberdeen, and South Wales to Norfolk. At the vanguard of the British hemp industry, they are a tight knit, supportive community who share our values.  

Their farmers grow Henola, a new generation of high yielding hemp, without the use of any pesticides or herbicides, and using traditional farming methods. Harvest is in late September, when the seed is cleaned and dried on the farms and then brought to our mill in the South West.


They have invested in the very latest machinery and technology for our Warminster site, which they are proud to say is the UK’s first hemp processing centre that is dedicated to working with British farmers.

This gives them total confidence in both the quality of their seeds and the quality of the nutritious and delicious hemp seed products.

Contact us for more details at:

or on

+44 (0) 7852 567 139

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