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Medicinal cannabis victory as Billy Caldwell is granted first NHS care package of its kind

Following yesterday’s landmark news that Billy Caldwell will receive his prescribed cannabis-based medicine on the NHS, I am sharing Charlotte Caldwell’s statement from Shomi Malik at the ACI’s email: Shomi Malik | Development Directorwww.theaci.co.uk Statement from Charlotte Caldwell, mother of Billy Caldwell “Last Friday I received the news I have been waiting for this past two and a half years.

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Find two award-winning and best-selling books here by Martin A. Lee as he traces the dramatic social history of marijuana from its origins to its emergence in the 1960s as a defining force in a culture war that has never ceased. Lee describes how the illicit marijuana subculture overcame government opposition and morphed into a dynamic, multibillion-dollar industry. In 1996,

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