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HEALTH CANADA: List of Approved Cultivars This is an update on the new List of Approved Cultivars in Canada for 2021. They now have the first year of high CBD varieties that currently fit within the .03% THC regulations. 1 cultivar (CBF1) is from Canada, the rest have been developed in the US. All of these varieties must meet AOACA

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Green Tech Tuesday | Bridging the Gap Between Independent Breeders and the Market

Breeder’s Best will be the breeder-preferred partner to protect special cultivars of Cannabis and bring them to market, delivering both economic and recognition value to our network of Breeder-Artists. Their aim is to help their Breeder-Artists to improve the lives of consumers around the world, providing whole-plant and cannabinoid products of the highest quality.  They will create and deliver these products through a

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Farmers Friday – East Fork Cultivars

Would You Specialise in Low THC Chemovars and CBD Dominant Cannabis? At East Fork Cultivars they develop and maintain sustainable farming techniques that are focussed on sun-grown crops to generate genetically varied cannabis focusing on a dedication to the environment and our ecological obligations. Beyond being growers they are cultivators. Their vision is way ahead of simply working with the

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