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Green-Tech-Tuesday: Innovation, AI and Robotics

Just imagine the amazing results of a world in the not so distant future offering absolutely-automated Cannabis farming, with out-of-this-world extraction techniques and cutting-edge growing technology. We stand nowadays at the verge of widespread worldwide legalization for an industry that has largely been pushed forwards by empowering the everyday person to take control of their own destiny. Can the future of cannabis lie with software applications and/or hardware developers, instead of the growers themselves?  Is it  a viable concept that technology may

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Study of different extraction processes for hemp

FOR FULL JOURNAL Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0959652618330506 • Different processes were compared for the extraction of hemp oil. • SFE, Soxhlet, percolation, sonication, pyrolysis & treated processes were compared. • Comparisons were conducted in terms of physical, chemical & economic aspects. • Central composite design was used to optimize the SFE & sonication parameters. • SFE were observed as economical process followed

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