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EUROPE    Professor Michael Barnes Backs Jersey Proposal    Israel’s “Temporary Work Stop” for Tikun Olam   Denmark helps Ireland source Medicinal Cannabis   Canopy Growth is eyeing up Italy, Greece and Spain AMERICA   Chemesis International Inc. agrees on Columbian deal   Uruguay’s 20 pending licenses worth $80M WORLD   WHO Revising Cannabis – NO ADDICTIVE PROPERTIES   SKY

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Headlines Monday 22nd October

An Urgent Review About The Legalization of Cannabis has been called upon by the former Metropolitan Police Chief Full Article:  The Independent. Traditional Medicines are on the decrease: 50% of People Using Cannabidiols Stop Using Traditional Medecines! Full Article:  Weedistry Canadians Celebrating Legalization. Will This Accelerate the U.S Reforms? Full Article: Reddit CLICK ON HEADERS FOR FULL ARTICLES

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