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HEMP FURRSDAY – 7 Benefits of using it as bedding for your horses

Hemp Bedding is made from natural hemp shiv, the woody core of the hemp plant. When separated from the external fibre hemp shiv gives a highly absorbent bedding. Hemp is an ideal replacement for straw, paper or shavings for all pets, horses and poultry. Hemp is suitable for deep litter beds and for use in stables with rubber mats. 🐎 Hemp is: Highly absorbent

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HEMP OIL FURRSDAY – 7 Benefits for Horses and Dogs

The Go-To Supplement For All Your Four-Legged Friends / by Nicholas Hill 6.12.18 1000 GMT Photos: by Cozmo Jenks Hemp Oil Benefits Improves: Skin, Hair and Bones Ensures your horse has healthy joints A frontline help for bringing down inflammation A solution to dry, itchy skin and an unhealthy coat Increases a horses vitality Feeds the brain and helps with

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