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STRAINS March 19, 2021 Seedsman are excited to launch two brand new medicinal Seedsman strains: CBDV 1:1 Auto and Diet Durban THCV 1:1 Auto. These novel strains emphasise the production of two lesser-known cannabinoids CBDV and THCV. You may or may not be aware of these cannabinoids, but on account of their potential therapeutic effects, they warrant a place in

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HEMP OIL FURRSDAY – 7 Benefits for Horses and Dogs

The Go-To Supplement For All Your Four-Legged Friends / by Nicholas Hill 6.12.18 1000 GMT Photos: by Cozmo Jenks Hemp Oil Benefits Improves: Skin, Hair and Bones Ensures your horse has healthy joints A frontline help for bringing down inflammation A solution to dry, itchy skin and an unhealthy coat Increases a horses vitality Feeds the brain and helps with

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