WEDNESDAY REPORT – Boutique on the UP!

The Rise of the Boutique/ Craft Growers Due to Market Forces!

The cost of buying Cannabis in Canada may plummet. It is highly elevated at the moment and may well be on a downturn over the coming years, according to Tom Adams; the Managing Director and Principal Analyst at BDS Analytics.  Being the official Data Partner and member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, this is coming from a sound source!

“The average price of a gram of recreational marijuana was $7.43 last year, while cannabis for medical purposes was $8.18, according to Statistics Canada. In Colorado, the wholesale spot price for cannabis remained fairly high for the first two years of legalization at US$4.30 a gram but has steadily dropped to US$1.94 per gram by the end of July”  BDS ANALYTICS

Recent snippets from a couple of the Big Players:

  •  Cronos Q3’s revenue has boomed compared to last years and they are looking forward to seeing the “real effects of adult use” on the markets.
  •  Tilray’s profits rocketed to US$10 million in the 3rd Quarter, having sold nearly 1000 kilograms more to the medicinal sector than the previous years 684 kg.
  •  Aphria expects the middle of the road Cannabis Producers to be hit hard, as the big producers take hold, this was also expressed by Canopy’s CEO, Bruce Linton earlier this year!

This will undoubtedly benefit the Premium Organic Boutique/ Craft Growers the likes of the phenomenal Gaia’s Ganja!

Gaia’s Ganja is an extraordinarily remarkable and exceptional grower, producing High Vibration, Premium Quality, Organic Cannabis.

“Every Farm has its own story and at Gaia, we decided to tell that story and let people know where their flower comes from. Our product is Farm to store direct and 100% organic and pesticide free. We grow with passion and with purpose.”

“I whole heartily love the work that Gaia put’s into their flower and their real concern for growing in an environmentally conscious manner. Something about knowing that makes the flower just that little bit better Grown!”


“Spirit of Gaia”

We grow “heart crafted cannabis” Over 100 years combined industry experience Our intentional space is designed for optimal production In the sustainable way. We bring the outdoors in!

A Heady Mix of Sustainable, Organic, Biodynamic, Not for Profit, Non-Profit, and Craft Growers will be here for the Long Term, let’s wait and see what the Markets have in Store!

Have a good Weednesday…

The Hemp CLub

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