The Hemp Club Monthly Organic UK CBD Review

CannaCBD – High-Quality Innovation for a healthy body and mind

We received some samples from Gregory Land at CannaCBD, their products are totally organic, innovative and of the highest quality.

I recently gave their Canna CBD Joint Cream to an arthritis suffer that promptly reported reduced pain and inflammation.  A fantastic product and highly recommended by The Hemp Club.

Their Canna CBD Pre-Measured Syringe Applicator is of the highest quality and highly innovative, it has a great taste and strong CBD content.

CBD Content Options:
300mg per 30ml (900mg per 100ml)
600mg per 30ml (1800mg per 100ml)
1000mg per 30ml (3300mg per 100ml)
2000mg per 30ml (6600mg per 100ml)
3000mg per 30ml (9900mg per 100ml)

These also contain Organic Honey with Trace Elements of Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric & Essential Oils, DELICIOUS!

Their Canna CBD Vape Juice is Premium Quality CBD coming in 4 flavours to choose from and 2 strenghts

  • 100mg per 10ml (1%)
  • 500mg per 10ml (5%)

Ideal for discrete dosing, their CBD vape juices maintain their earthy subliminal undertones for authenticity.


All in All, Canna CBD produce wonderfully organic products and on top of this, they are of a  super tasty nature to help boost the well being of your body and mind!


Grown by Organic Standards

All Canna CBD products are produced in a clinically clean laboratory in the heart of Essex, UK. Produced from the finest European spec industrial Cannabis Sativa, sourced from a regulated farmer in Spain.

Their hemp is of the finest quality and imported directly to their production facility.

Each product is tested to the highest of standards and produced using their own unique and traditional technique. All additional flavorings are organic and sourced from local producers, thus helping their own local economy and sustainability. 

Low-Level THC

All of their products are certified as below the legal limits of THC content. Giving you the assurance that their products are not only legal but safe to consume in your day to day life.

You can check out all of their lab results here.

Non – intoxicating & UK Legal

They constantly monitor their products for irregularities and differences, meaning you can be assured that everything they produce is not only to the highest of standards but is UK legal and non-Intoxicating.

Benefits of CBD

CBD helps maintain the body’s natural health, by stimulating the endocannabinoid system CBD has shown to have multiple benefits. In the UK CBD is a food supplement, and can only be marketed and sold as such. However, they recommend to all of their customers to speak to people who have taken it, independent online research, contact their own health professional or even contact the BHA.

Science Magic

They love Research and Development, and as members of the British Hemp Association, they constantly have their ear to the ground for developments within the cannabis and CBD industry. They, therefore, know what products are feasible and what they can and can’t produce.

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