Farmers Friday – Top 7 Regenerative Farming guidelines

Note: These guidelines are not requirements, they are goals for farms dedicated to regenerative principles.

RCF is a lifelong endeavor, and we should all be striving to do better every season. We want to hear how much you are doing and hope that this will encourage you to do more.


  1. What is your farm’s mission/purpose?
  2. What aspects of your farm do you consider Regenerative?
  3. What aspects are sustainable?
  4. What aspects are higher in environmental impact?
  5. What are all the methods your farm employs to reduce negative impacts on the watershed?
  6. (use, efficiency, discharge, sediment, roads, buffers)
  7. In what ways does your farm promote native biodiversity?
  8. What are your soil building processes?
  9. What closed loop nutrition strategies does your farm employ?
  10. What are all the ways you provide nutrition for the farm?
  11. Does your farm utilize polyculture techniques? If so how and what else is grown?
  12. In what ways does your farm provide medicine to patients?
  13. In what ways does your farm work to benefit the community?


A Watershed Conscious Property is designed and managed to ensure the integration of systems both natural and constructed. It operates on seasonal timelines and regenerative land use practices so that the disturbances created by human interactions are mitigated and ecologically offset. A WCP is holistic relationship between observation and implementation.

Resource Innovation Institute convenes leadership events, creates industry standards and advocates for effective policies, incentives and regulations that advance an energy and water efficient future for cannabis.

A DEM Pure certificate is beyond organics. We hope for it to be a tool for communities to recognize the cream of the crop growers for their excellence in maintaining and furthering their role as stewards to the self, plant, soil and earth. We are leaders in the cannabis community and industry. DEM Pure is a way of gardening without chemicals, bottled nutrients, overuse of animal products and earth mined minerals. Having a deep understanding of the way the living soil feeds all life and helping that living soil become healthier. Cultivating the love of cannabis and gratitude for all that it has given humanity. DEM Pure gardens are dedicated to the plant world and want to see it thrive naturally.

The Living Soils Symposium, established in 2016, has a simple mission: To promote Regenerative, Living Soil practices in order to transform the face of modern industrial agriculture within our lifetime. Our passion lies in bringing people together online and in person to find transformative information and inspiring experiences that will guide them to become stewards of Living Soil systems. We are here to help catalyze and facilitate the massive cultural awakening surrounding how products and foods are produced.


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